Granite Hill Fifth Grade

Theme 1 Week 1:  Earthquake Terror

Short Vowels:

bunk     staff     dock     slept     mist     bunch

swift     stuck    breath   tough   fond     crush

grasp   dwell    fund       ditch    swept   deaf

split       rough

Challenge Words:  Spelling List B

sack        past         kept           block      dull

since       speck      switch      magic      hinge

stretch    rapid        petal         comet      liquid

pretty      dollar        funny       until         napkin

Week 2:  Eye of the Storm

Long a, e, and i

speech       claim       strike     stray      fade        sigh

leaf             thigh        thief       height     mild         waist

sway           beast      stain      fleet         stride       praise

slight           niece

Challenge Words: Spelling List B

portray       inflate        parakeet       candidate       conceal

subscribe  succeed     nominate      release           proceed

dismay       phrase       complicate    site                private

appetite      engage      vapor            sacred           labor

Week 3:  Volcanoes

 thrown        stole       clue         dew         choose        rule

boast          cruise     stroll        route        mood           loaf

growth        youth       slope       bruise     loose          rude            

flow            flute

Challenge words:  List B

roam          borrow       quote        stroke        shallow

bloom        cue             proof         suit            scoop

fume          stroll           dough       owe            code

hose          scold           lose           coax          ooze


Theme 2:  Week 1 Michelle Kwan

 basketball    wheelchair     cheerleader     newscast     weekend

everybody     up-to-date      grandparent     first aid        wildlife

highway         daytime          whoever          test tube       turnpike

shipyard        homemade     household     salesperson  


 Challenge Words:  List B

headache  elsewhere  windshield  bulletin board   compact disk

starry-eyed  outspoken  halfhearted  self-defense  thumbtack

 forehead  teammate  carefree  whereas  long-range  barefoot  seagull  driftwood  somebody  nowhere  haircut  radioactive  nevertheless   four-wheel drive  awestuck

Week 2:  La Bamba

hawk                claw              bald               tower            halt

prowl                loyal              pause           moist             ounce

launch              royal              scowl             haunt            noisy

coward             fawn              thousand      drown           fault


Challenge Words:  List B

squawk  crawl  scour  exhaust  sprawl  rejoice  stalk  scald  voyage  joint  voice  chowder  coward  rowdy  flaw  amount  choice  county  offer  power   

 Week 3:  The Fear Place

 hare          scar          torch          soar          harsh

sore           lord           flair            warn          floor

tore            lair            snare         carve        bore

fare            gorge       barge        flare          rare


Challenge Words:  List B

despair  sparse  partial  awareness  apparent  restore  portion  escort  ordeal  parcel  gorgeous  absorb  declaration  narrative  particular  adoration  transparent  portfolio  organization  affair  deplorable  horrible  perishable  exploration  extort

Week 4:  Mae Jemison


 smear            germ            return          peer            stir

squirm             nerve           early           worth           pier

thirst                burnt             rear            term            steer

pearl               squirt            perch         hurl               worse


Challenge Words:  List B

erie  ordinary  absurd  reverse  disappear  urban  dessert  murmur  tolerable  permission  erode  observe  generation  natural  admiration  tractor  transfer  porter  separation  spectator

Theme 3:  Week 1 And Then What Happened Paul Revere

theater            actor            mirror            powder            humor

anger              banner         pillar              major              thunder

flavor              finger           mayor            polar                clover

burglar            tractor         matter            lunar                quarter

Challenge Words:  List B

sugar  weather  favor  chapter  motor  solar  terror  slender  stranger  razor  tutor  silver  barrier  rumor  sensor  minor  sender  similar particular  doctor

Week 2:  Katie's Trunk

 Equal            parlor             collect            closet             perhaps

weddin g       rapid              value              arrive             behave

shoulder       novel               tulip               sorrow           vanish

essay           publish            aware            subject          prefer


Challenge Words:  List B



Week 3:   James Forten


jewel            sparkle            angle             shovel            single

normal         angel               legal              whistle            fossil

puzzle          bushel             mortal            gentle             level

label            pedal               ankle              needle           devil


challenge Words:  List B


Theme 4 Week 1:  Mariah Keeps Cool


district         address         complain               explain          improve

farther         simply             hundred                although        laughter

mischief     complex          partner                  orphan          constant

dolphin       employ           sandwich               monster        orchard


Challenge Words:  List B

Theme 4 Week 2: Mom's Best Friend 

poem            idea            create            diary            area

giant             usual           radio              cruel            quiet

diet               liar               fuel                 riot               actual

lion                ruin             trial                 rodeo          science


Challenge Words:  List B

Week 4:  Week 3 Yang the Second and Her Secret Admirrers

Covered          directing          bragging          amusing    offered

planned           rising                deserved         visiting      mixed

swimming       sheltered         resulting           spotted      suffering

arrested          squeezing       ordered            decided     hitting


Challenge Words:  List B


Theme 5:  Week 1  A Boy Called Slow

unable          discover          report           disaster          unaware

remind          televise           television     inspect           inspection

react            reaction           tense            tension           correct

correction    promote          promotion    express         expression


Challenge Words:  List B

Theme 5 Week 2  Pioneer Girl

dozen          voyage          forbid          native          language

destroy        notice            distance     carrot          knowledge

captive        spinach          solid           justice        ashamed

program      message       respond     service       relative


Challenge Words:  List B


Theme 5 Week 3  Black Cowboy, Wild Horses

mountain          treasure          sulture          fountain          creature

captain             future               adventure     moisture        surgeon

lecture              curtain             pasture         measure        vulture

feature             furniture           pleasure       mixture           luncheon


Challenge Words:  List B



Theme 5 Week 4  Elena

liberties          victories          countries          spied          enemies

armies            scariest           dirtier               happiness  abilities

pitied              ladies               buisier             duties          lillies

worthiness     tiniest               emptiness       replies        dizziness


Challenge Words:  List B


Theme 4:  Week 4 Dear Mr. Henshaw

dreadful       enjoyment        safely          watchful          speechless

paleness     breathless       government   cheerful        actively

closeness   lately                 goodness     retirement     forgetful

basement   softness           delightful        settlement    countless


Challlenge Words:  List B